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Jared Fliesler shares how they grew Square to $10B in payments at the DEMO Traction conference.

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  • JonBishop (@jon-bishop)

    Great find @morgan!

  • Sean Ellis (@sean)

    Some really good nuggets in here… “We used almost every channel known to man. We tested a ton of channels for directional feedback and found the ones that worked for us. We failed fast… We were very disciplined about measuring our payback period.” Also found it very interesting that 3 of their first 30 team members were focused on press – mostly telling customer stories.

    • Divyesh P. (@pansara27)

      Hi @sean.

      You were part of Growth teams at many fast growing startups. And you mentioned you tested many channels and failed fast. At early stage startup, What percentage of time you would spend on analysing what didn’t work while focusing on experimenting new distribution methods n growth hacks?